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Aashiyana Foundation Rules of the Trust

These rules shall be called the rules of which shall herein after be referred to as the Rules of the Trust.


a) Authorities mean the authorities of the Trust.

b) Government means the government of the Countries.

c) Chairman means the Managing Trustee of the Trust.

d) Director means the Director of the Trust.

e) Board of Management means the Board of Management of the Trust.

g) Year means the financial year.

h) Planning Committee means the Planning Committee of the Trust.

i) Finance Committee means the Finance Committee of the Trust.

j) Advisory Committee means of the Advisory Committee of the Trust.


a) Board of Management.

b) Any such other authorities as may be deemed necessary by the Board of Management form time to time.


The Trust shall be managed by Managing trustee under the guidance of Board of Trustees. Other than Board of Management other trustees, fi any, shall hold office for terms of three years and shall be eligible for re-appointment. Trustee for life shall be entitled to nominate their successors to office of the trustees and event of a vacancy arising in the office of a trustee for life, the managing Trustees should nominate successor of the life trustee causing vacancy in his place. The Managing Trustee of the trust shall have, subject ot the control, direction and superintendence of the Board of Trustees, al and every power for the purpose of managing, conducting and administering the affairs of the Trust and the institutions and establishments, owned, run or ‘The Board of Trustees shall be conducted by, the Trust competent to transact every and all business by the majority. The managing trustee shall have casting vote.